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John Tesh Brings His Big Band Show to Las Vegas Tesh is known for his health tips and advice about life but his stirring vocals have brought him on tours around the world.

Six-time Emmy-winning composer, Grammy nominated musician and nationally syndicated radio host will arrive in Las Vegas with his "John Tesh: Big Band LIVE, on stage at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, October 21.

Handsome as well as talented, John is one of the few singers to appear with 12 performers reminescent of the Big Band era.

His musical numbers include "In the Mood", "I've Got the World on a String", "Beyond the Sea", as well as piao solos, original hits in the Big Band style and many more.

John has the knack for choosing just the right songs for all ages. Charming on stage as well as in person, John seems to become one with the audience as they love his show.

With three gold albums, two Grammy nominations, and on-air every day on the nationally-syndicated "John Tesh Radio Show", which plays "1980s, 1990s, and today's soft rock" music (or music selected by an affiliate station themselves), interspersed with various factoids and other information Tesh considers useful to listeners, often with topics such as health and well-being. These factoids are called "Intelligence for Your Life." It is played on radio stations across the United States and Canada.

John Tesh is an American pianist and composer of new age and contemporary Christian music. He is also a nationally syndicated radio host, and has previously served as a sportscaster, news anchor and reporter. Besides the piano, he also plays the keyboard, guitar, saxophone and sings. He is also known by many as the long time host of the Entertainment Tonight Show.

Tesh currently has a nationally-syndicated radio show called the John Tesh Radio Show, "This show was created for my wife, (actress Connie Sellecca)," John says. "She's one of those people where, you look at her side of the bed (and see) six issues of Prevention magazine and five months of Oprah magazine . . . (she) never has time to read any of that stuff . . . I feel there's enough entertainment there - nobody needs to know the latest in the trial of Anna Nicole Smith from us, or who the celebrity birthdays are. So I said, 'Let's just do something that moves people forward in their life, and we'll do the work for them.'"

John feels the show now airs on about 250 stations nationwide, primarily on adult contemporary music stations; select pieces of "Intelligence for Your Life" are broken up and distributed in short form to other radio stations (including talk radio formats) as well, for use on morning shows.