Tour Dates

Check out the new concert dates! Forward to friends and family along our tour route! See you at the show!

04/26 Annapolis, MD
04/28 Sellersville, PA (6:00pm)
04/28 Sellersville, PA (9:00pm)
04/29 Westhampton Beach, NY
04/30 Alexandria, VA
05/13 Atlantic City, NJ



If you have the chance to catch John Tesh in concert, by all means get your tickets early! The Big Band show is amazing and you'll love it!!

- Randy


What a great concert you and your band gave last night at the Strand Theater in York, PA. I loved it! The original songs you did were great! Breeze Lee is probably the most limber man I have ever seen! Thanks for the most enjoyable evening that I've had in a long time.

- Cheryl


Hello John. I was at your concert this evening in Hagerstown, and had a wonderful time. I really enjoyed everyone in the show and loved the music. Especially, the closing song. It was amazing!! The combination of great muscians, the background video, light show and most of all, you John with your creativity. Thank you so very much for a wonderful night.

- Linda


Loved your 6pm show tonight. I was in the left stage balcony w/ my sweetheart of 22 years (early Christmas present) - he LOVED it - especially the brass - wow. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

- Susan


Great Show at the Savanah Center in the Villages last night! I was there with my parents in the third row (6pm show) we laughed and sang along with you!! Enjoy the rest of your tour!!

- Michelle


GREAT SHOW at Melbourne's King Center. Thoroughly enjoyed the big band vibe! Thanks for a wonderful Christmas daughter and my view of the show from the Grand Tier was awesome. Loved your rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas! Merry Christmas!

- Marilyn


Great Show last night in Melbourne!!! I was smiling during the whole show... Thx to you...and Mom for getting the tickets!!!;0)♥

- Stacey

Your show in Montgomery WAS AMAZING! My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the music and the light show! Your swing band was a great touch to the Christmas music. Thank you for sharing your wife's idea of her nursing home ministry for Mother's Day. My first job as an RN was on the "Rehab" floor of a nursing home. I saw exactly what you have seen; patients who have no one who visits them. It was heartbreaking. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these "dear Saints". I will pray for safe travels for you and crew as you continue your Christmas tour. God bless you, your family and crew. Merry Christmas to you all!

- Judy


Thanks John for coming to Montgomery. Awesome concert last night. Finally got to see you in person. I always listen to ur radio station on my way to work....qThe light show was amazing. Really enjoyed the concert. Thanks again.

- Milagros

Flagstaff, AZ

John, thank you for the wonderful concert last night in Flagstaff. You have an extremely talented group of musicians, vocalist and dancer to make your concert very enjoyable. You are a gracious and charming host and incredible musician yourself. Thanks for the book and my individual picture. I had a ball!

- Katheen

Wilmington, NC

Your concert in Wilmington, NC was absolutely wonderful! This was my third and my children's first concert. Because my husband is currently deployed, my best friend came along (her first concert, too!) It is obvious you are extremely passionate about everything, your family, your beliefs, your band, your audience. The look on your face when you're playing tells it all. Thank you for being you, for being personal up on stage. It's like you're talking to a bunch of old friends! So pleasant and down to earth! What a wonderful experience to remember. Thank you for the laughs, thought provoking moments, and the beautiful, entertaining, fun, inspirational music!

- Susan

Portland, ME

The Portland, Maine concert was unbelievably awesome! You are an incredibly gifted songwriter and musician John, and so are your band mates. I didn't realize how funny you are. Much laughter at the show. The light show was cool too. Loved the Uncle who is helping folks in the Gulf and the Veterans, and also the envelopes of money to pay it forward. God bless you John, your family and the band. There is definitely no ego involved in this tour. Only love, fun and great music!

- Dawn

Tarrytown, NY

We saw you for the 5th or 6th time in TARRYTOWN, NY on July 23rd. My daughter Shannyn, now 15, has been seeing you in concert since she was 10, and has even been on stage with you a couple times. As her father, it's so wonderful to see her enjoy you, Tim, Gib, and now your daughter on stage. To witness not only your music but to hear you speak about "PASSION," especially to young people touches me, and I'm sure many others. Never stop singing "This is your Gift" for you have "touched" many people, and although you may not hear from everyone I know you bring joy through your message and your music.

- R.J.

Claremont, NH

The show was so entertaining and spiritual. Loved how you talked so beautifully about your wife. Claremont was blessed with your show. The band was outstanding and we couldn't have been more pleased to have attended the show. Thank you for coming to Claremont and hope you return at some point.

- Gloria

Claremont, NH

The John Tesh concert tonight in Claremont had great music and a lot of good, clean humor. The energy that John and his band have, along with the talented female vocalist made for an uplifting experience accented with one of the best light shows I've seen. It is a show that everyone in the family can enjoy.

- Ron

Green Bay, WI

My sister, mother and I just attended your recent concert in Green Bay, and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful and uplifting show you have. This is the 2nd time we have seen you and can't wait until you are back in the area again. Thanks for bringing such wonderful music to our area.

- Mary

Carbondale, IL

We saw your concert Sunday in Carbondale - it was really good! The music was enjoyable and the message was heartfelt and inspiring. Also, the young lady's voice is simply beautiful. We had our picture taken with you during the meet & greet and now look forward to reading your book. Thank you for coming to Carbondale!

- Dennis & Katie

El Paso, TX

I attended last night's concert here in El Paso on UTEP's campus. I just wanted to write and thank you very, very much for coming here to El Paso and having your concert. I loved it very much; it was one of the best concerts that I have ever seen. It was so nice being able to see you perform and entertain us in a live fashion. Great laughs, music, lighting, sound and dance. I listen to you all the time on the radio and like all
of your insights and thoughts on life. I hope that you might once again consider sometime in the future to return here to El Paso. Once again I would like to Thank You for coming and performing for us.

- Robert

Buffalo, NY

We saw your magnificent show in Buffalo on Sat. night. We knew you had great talent, but we were also impressed with your musicians, singer, Breeze Lee, and your lovely Prima. Thanks for the wonderful evening for my husband on his birthday. Your concert was definitely worth the late night drive back to Erie. We hope you keep entertaining and giving "Intelligence for Your Life" advice to encourage optimism among your fans. Thanks again.

- Judie

Fairfield, CT

We attended the concert on 7/12/09 in Fairfield, CT. What an awesome show! The energy & audience interaction was fantastic; best show I've ever attended. You definitely made the right career choice. Your inspirational words & ideas sure hit home. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks

- Jim & Darlene

Northampton, MA

I attended your show this evening at the Calvin compliments of WWLP Channel 22 where my son is employed as the promotions director, and I had to call and thank him for giving me the ticket. I was sitting in "L 20" and had a perfect seat for viewing. Please know how impressed and pleased and grateful that I was to be able to share in the moment. I have a huge appreciation for your gospel music and for your ability to reach out to all levels of humanity. Your female partner in song is amazing, your band is superb, and your dancer, "I can only imagine." Thank you for your entertainment. I wasn't a winner of objects, but I was a winner of gratitude for you and your group. I will always remember this night. I especially am grateful for your love of seniors. My mom is there and I am praying she alllows me to grow old with her. So pray for me please, and once again, thank you.

- Helen

Charlottesville, VA

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your performance at the Martin Luther King Jr. Performing Arts Center in Charlottesville. I was impressed with the fact that you started the show with a bit of history about Charlottesville. I know very few entertainers who would take the time to find out about the city they are performing in - it was just a very nice lead in to the evening. I loved that you were willing to openly share your life and your strong Christian beliefs with the audience - another true blessing to us. Your last piece of I will follow you, the slide show of you and your family touching the lives of those seniors in nursing homes, and your wonderful message that went along with it - were also true blessings. Thank you, John, for your ministry and for your wonderful talent in music. Breeze Lee is also a very talented young man and a nice addition to your show.

- Janice

Newport News, VA

My wife and I attended your concert in Newport News today. It was delightful, entertaining and an inspirational experience as well. We both walked away glad we came. You are so right about that built-in need to serve. Glad you were so open to share that and your music with us. You are a gifted musician and we feel privileged that you came to our place to share with us.

- Ken

Lancaster, PA

I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed meeting and seeing you during the Lancaster V.I.P. experience. My wife Roseann's birthday wish came true with being able to meet and ask you a question. I am particularly pleased that my 13 year old daughter Shannyn was able to meet you and talk to you about your daughter. Not only Intelligence for your life, but an experience of a lifetime. We appreciate you and the message you are giving.

- R.J.

My wife & I drove two hours to see your concert in Lancaster, PA. WE LOVED IT! What a great evening of bringing together various aspects of the arts & multi-media into one non-stop show. We appreciated how you wove worship songs into the fabric of the evening. We also enjoyed Gib's part of the show as well as Breeze Lee. Thanks for sharing your talents & those of your group with us. We were blessed to have been there.

- Steve

McKinney, TX

Thanks to you for such a wonderful concert in McKinney, Texas. It was so uplifting and you could truly feel God's presence there on such a grieving day for us Americans. We needed that more than words could say. Your voice has become a kind and gentle thing to me that I enjoy and look forward to listening everyday. I never miss a show. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

- Rebecca

Middleburg Heights, OH

I went to your concert with my daughter. I am still praising your concert. With all the problems in the world we all needed your music and talent to uplift our spirits. Thank you John. Please come again. This time I will bring many more to your show. God bless you and yours.

- Flo

I just want to thank you so much for that wonderful concert last night at the Grace Church in Middleburg Heights, OH. The music was beautiful, the story telling and humor were great and it was very spiritually moving. I cannot remember when I have enjoyed any concert so much as that one. Please come back to our area again soon!

- Molly

Toledo, OH

Congratulations to you and your entire crew for giving us an awesome show in Toledo, Ohio. My wife Barb and I attended the pre-show Q&A and dinner and really had a great time. We definitely walked out feeling better about ourselves and will try to join you in the effort to make the world a better place. Take care and God Bless.

- Bob and Barb

Me and three friends attended your Concert in Toledo. I could ramble on forever, but one thought comes to mind AWESOME!!!! God Bless You and Your Family and Crew for all the wonderful things that you do. Please come to Toledo again. We laughed and cried and enjoyed! What a memorable evening!

- Anne