Flight attendants are awesome right?

And now, apparently, they’ve been doing intense soda research for us. 

According to the flight attendant blog “These Gold Wings,” Diet Soda is their least favorite drink to serve.  Why?  To put it simply….it’s fizzier than any other carbonated beverage, making it difficult to pour because it can foam up and cause a big mess. Diet Coke is even fizzier than regular Coke. 

And it takes 3 times longer to fill one cup with Diet Coke than any other beverage. In fact, it’s such a struggle to serve Diet Coke that the blog posted a video, demonstrating a smarter way to pour it. The first thing to know is that pouring the drink over ice only increases fizziness. So instead of putting ice in the cup and pouring the soda over the ice - a better way is to tip the whole can into a cup, so the can is at the bottom of the cup, and let the drink seep out without having to travel even an inch from can to cup. THEN, add the ice after the drink is poured. 

So why is Diet Coke fizzier than regular Coke, even on the ground? The theory is that the lack of sugar makes for a thinner liquid, allowing bubbles to last longer before popping. Also, warm or room temperature cans, like on an airplane, increase the fizz factor. 

So if a flight attendant hands you the entire can of Diet Coke to pour yourself, which they often do, now you know why!