Praise From Albuquerque, NM

reviews from Ticketmaster

John Tesh was wonderful! If you have a chance to see him. You should go!!! How he interwove his history into the concert was amazing...I had no idea he had such an interesting career! Thank you!!!
- HadFunOnMyOwn


Fabulous evening- love both Tesh and Mirabel and the combination was outstanding. The setting was a perfect compliment to their performances with the Sandia mountains in the background and a full moon! Our favorite concert ever.
- NMTurtle
I've seen John Tesh in concert several times and he is as good as ever. Especially liked his stories about filming at Red Rocks as I was part of the audience as it was filmed. Robert Mirabal totally lived up to my expectations.
- SadieLady


John was a very talented and great performer!! Loved all the trivia about him and his past!
The concert was well done from all aspects. The sound was the perfect volume, the video presentations were very well done connecting the music and stories. And John connected with his audience with his story telling of how he got to where he is, the risks he took to get there, the beliefs that strengthened him, showing earlier videos and photos of himself, asking questions of the audience, and his visit with audience members after the show to further connect and sign autographs for his fans. Very moving and very special of him to share his time with us, He even cared enough ti inquire about my health taking a lesson from his experience! Amazing!
- CanNowAffordConcerts
Atlantic City, NJ
It’s like an interactive show.  It’s nice to hear a celebrity, somebody that really can personalize that concert and show what they’re doing for you.  I think that was an amazing aspect of it, was being able to see that personalization, somebody who’s willing to open up just to let you know they’re human. I love the, the saxophone, the flute, ukulele. Everybody came together. They seemed to work very well, in harmony. I enjoyed the camaraderie. It was great.
- Tom E.
Piqua, OH